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Patent agency is Yinlong's most advantageous business. Over the years, Yinlong has enjoyed a good reputation in the industry for its high agent quality and strong service capabilities. Most of Yinlong's patent attorneys and patent engineers have work experience in domestic and foreign enterprises, and have engaged in technical work or scientific research work. Computer, cloud computing, automatic control, industrial machinery, construction machinery, daily necessities, analytical instruments, medical equipment, bioengineering, medicine, chemical materials, polymers, chemicals and other fields.

Patent business content:

Drafting and filing of Chinese patent application documents, translation and submission of foreign patent application documents, patent reexamination, patent invalidation, patent administrative litigation, judicial litigation of patent infringement disputes, administrative handling of patent infringement disputes, exhibition intellectual property protection, patent customs protection , Provide legal opinions on patent validity, provide legal opinions on patent infringement judgment, provide legal opinions on patent regulations, licensing of patents and non-patent technologies, transfer consulting and agency, translation of patent documents, payment of patent annual fees, patent contracts Filing, patent strategic planning and design, patent navigation, patent application novelty search, patent technology mining, and other matters related to patents.

Silver Dragon's patent team:

Yinlong's patent business team consists of foreign patent business team and domestic patent business team. Yinlong's foreign-related patent business team has fluent foreign language communication skills, and can use English, Japanese, Korean and other languages to directly discuss, consult, communicate and contact foreign customers, ensuring timely communication with foreign customers and agency business highly accurate.

Yinlong's domestic patent business team has rich experience in technology mining and writing, as well as excellent ability to communicate with customers. Most of the domestic patent attorneys in the team have worked in the intellectual property department of high-tech enterprises and can provide customers with services. Provide more professional services.

Through years of efforts, Yinlong has established a comprehensive and scientific patent agent training system, quality control system, and process management system to ensure that Yinlong can consistently provide high-quality patent services to all customers.

PCT international and overseas application business

Yinlong has been qualified as a foreign agent since its establishment, and has extensive experience in PCT international applications and applications in other countries or regions other than China. Through the continuous efforts of all Yinlong people, it has represented thousands of PCT international and overseas applications (mainly including Europe, the United States, Japan, South Korea, Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan, India, Russia, Israel, Southeast Asia, Africa, Australia and other countries or Regions), and the number of agents in such cases has grown rapidly in recent years.

Yinlong has a professional internal and external process management team, and is especially familiar with the processes and regulations and requirements of the United States, Europe, Japan, South Korea and other countries, and can provide professional advice for the special needs of applicants and the special circumstances of cases ; Yinlong has excellent and stable partners in many countries and regions. While ensuring the quality of cases, it also controls various fees and deadlines, which saves time and capital costs for applicants to the greatest extent.

The team of patent attorneys inside and outside Yinlong is familiar with the laws of various countries and has rich practical experience. They have represented and are representing many well-known domestic enterprises in overseas applications in different countries. The specific agency work involves the writing and rewriting of PCT international applications, the rewriting, translation, proofreading of new applications entering various countries through PCT or Paris Convention, the transmission and reply of relevant examination opinions, reexamination, invalidation, etc. Attorneys can help domestic clients to establish a patent management and operation system for overseas cases to the greatest extent, and provide specific advice on how to obtain effective patent protection in various countries. At the same time, Yinlong has also filed patent applications in countries other than China on behalf of many overseas applicants.