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We provide clients with comprehensive copyright legal services, and have been listed in the industry rankings of international professional media for many times in this business field, and some successful cases have been listed in the top 50 typical cases of the Supreme Court.

Our copyright team can provide customers with accurate and efficient copyright legal services in English, French and other languages, and is especially good at handling copyright disputes related to other intellectual property rights. Our expert advantages provide important guarantees for handling complex and difficult copyright disputes.

We can provide clients with a full range of copyright-related litigation or non-litigation legal services, including:

- Non-litigation copyright legal services

It mainly includes handling the voluntary registration of works on its behalf; handling computer software copyright registration on its behalf; assisting customers to sign copyright licensing contracts and handling filing matters; assisting customers to sign pledge contracts and handling copyright pledge registration matters; assisting customers to sign copyright transfer contracts and Handle filing matters on your behalf; assist copyright holders to sign authorization contracts with copyright collective management organizations, and assist clients to obtain the right to use works through copyright collective management organizations, etc.

-Copyright civil law business

Mainly include: copyright ownership disputes; copyright infringement disputes; disputes arising only from the collection of remuneration; copyright transfer contract disputes; copyright licensing contract disputes and so on.

-Copyright administrative law business

Mainly include: administrative litigation; administrative licensing; administrative hearings; administrative rulings; administrative law enforcement and so on.

-Copyright criminal law business

Participate in criminal proceedings as the attorney for the victim or the defense attorney for the suspect/defendant to safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of the client.